Camila Pichecho

Camila Picheco 1-min

Born and raised in Brazil, a country whose national sport is soccer, “the beautiful game”, Camila channels her passion through another kind of beautiful game, the game of illustration and visual art.

Since 2010 Camila has been freelancing mostly for editorial, and has worked for several publishers and magazines in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, USA, UK and China. Always willing to improve and deliver her best.

She is currently working full-time as 2D artist for an animation studio, Salambo Productions, in Longueuil, Canada but because of her passion for creating projects like Vanessa and her Pink and Purple Soccer Ball, she remains available for freelancing!

Camila is proud of being part of this project and hopes that her drawings can inspire children along with this beautiful, pure, sweet and warm history of friendship, family, and belief of little Vanessa.